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Keebler® Sandwich Crackers

A snack can be the ideal solution to a busy day. These snacks come individually packaged—meaning you can take them with you when you're on the move! Eight crackers per pack.

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Keebler® Zesta Saltine Crackers, 2 Crackers/Pack, 500 Packs/Carton

These saltine crackers are great for the lunchroom/breakroom to accompany salads and soup. Two crackers per package.

Manufacturers Item #3010001008
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Kellogg’s® Special K® Cracker Chips

Hybrid snack between cracker and chip. Creates a light and crispy texture for a cracker. Only 110 calories per serving. A unique snack food, portable and better for you.

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Kellogg’s® Special K® Pastry Crisps

Two light crisps, slightly sweet with real fruit filling on the inside. Lightly sweetened, drizzled with icing. 100 calories per serving.

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Annie's Homegrown Bunny Grahams Friends, 3 oz Bag, 12/Carton

Tasty Bunny Grahams® Friends have a variety of flavors in each bag, so you can savor one delicious flavor at a time or unite them all in a mouthful. Graham crackers are made with organic wheat. They contain 8 grams of whole grains per serving. Crackers have no artificial preservatives, synthetic colors or preservatives. Perfect single-serving sized packs are great for an after-school snack or an on-the-job break.

Manufacturers Item #00074
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Sunshine® Cheez-it® Crackers

Get a lightly spiced, sharp-cheese flavor with your cracker crunch. Made with 100% real cheese. 0g trans fat.

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Sunshine® Cheez-it Grooves Crackers, Zesty Ranch, 3.25 Bag, 6/Box

Pick the perfect combination of crunchy and puffy with these groovey baked snacks. Made with 100% real cheese. Thin, delicious crackers with baked-in grooves create a lighter, crispier treat - perfect for everyday snacking.

Manufacturers Item #2410093646
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Austin® Cookies and Crackers, Assorted, 1.38 oz per Pack, 45 Packs/Box

All of your favorite varieties of sweet and salty, crunchy mini snack packs to brighten up your day. Convenient mini snack packs of treats are great for toting along in backpacks, pockets and purses. Ideal for packing in school lunches or simply munching on the go.

Manufacturers Item #827544
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Austin® Toasty Crackers w/Peanut Butter, 6-Piece Snack Pack, 45 Packs/Box

These snacks come individually packaged--take them with you when you're on the move! Eight crackers per pack.

Manufacturers Item #827548
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Austin® Zoo Animal Crackers

Have some sweet-snacking fun with all your favorite zoo-animal shapes when you choose classic animal-cracker snacks. Just 1.5 g of fat per serving.

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Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® Crackers

Swim through your afternoon with tasty baked snack crackers in your favorite fishy shapes. Baked crackers have zero grams trans fat. Yummy cheddar cheese flavor. Let these little fishies brighten up your day; they're the only snack that smiles back!

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