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Specialty Cleaners / Polishes


Ecolab® Professional Behold Furniture Polish, 16oz Aerosol, 6/Carton

Protect your furniture from daily wear-and-tear so you can enjoy it for years to come. The unique blend of oil, wax and cleaners protect furniture by coating it with a long-lasting hard wax finish. Formula comes packaged in a convenient aerosol can for quick and controlled application.

Manufacturers Item #JAN 96406
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Buckeye® Glint™ Stainless Steel/Formica® Cleaner-17oz

Cleans, polishes and beautifies. USDA Listed.

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Buckeye® Pad-Pal™ Floor Pad Restorer - Gal.

Cleans and rejuvenates floor pads. Extends life of expensive floor pads. It's special blend of deep cleaning agents acts quickly to release dirt & build-up. Keeps pads crisp and fresh.

Manufacturers Item #5016-1000
Add to Cart $96.40/CASE

Buckeye® Status Classic™ Furniture Polish - 18 oz.

Lemon furniture polish for beauty and protection with carnauba wax. Fresh lemon fragrance.

Manufacturers Item #5540-9000
Add to Cart $78.96/CASE

Buckeye® Status™ Furniture Polish - Qt.

Lemon furniture polish for beauty and protection. Recommended for all types of furniture. Ready-to-use with sprayers. Resists fingerprints and smudges.

Manufacturers Item #5555-0600
Add to Cart $127.04/CASE

Buckeye® Watchdog NF™ Disinfectant - Gal.

One-step disinfectant, germicidal detergent and deodorant designed specifically for the pet care industry. Can be used on a variety of hard, nonporous surfaces. pH neutral. Effective against Canine Parvovirus. Effective in hard water. Dilutable. Effective against the following pathogens, Bordetella bronchiseptica, (Animal Viruses:) canine distemper, feline picornavirus, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, infectious bronchitis (Avian IBV), Pseudorabies (PRV), transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGE), Vaccinia, canine coronavirus, Avian influenza A, salmonella enterica, staphylococcus aureus.

Manufacturers Item #5098-1000
Add to Cart $125.02/CASE

KaiVac® KaiDri Rinse Aid - Qt.

Helps water sheet off hard surfaces to wipe out hard water spots before they get started. Also reduces the size of the water droplets, speeding up drying.

Manufacturers Item #KDRIQ
Add to Cart $110.00/EACH

EXPO® Dry-Erase Board-Cleaning Wet Wipes, 6 x 9, 50/Container

Combines liquid cleaner with a disposable wipe for smooth, convenient cleaning that removes ghosting and stubborn marker ink from most dry erase surfaces. Perfect for classroom use. Pop up container with freshness seal keeps wipes moist.

Manufacturers Item #81850
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EXPO® Dry Erase Surface Cleaner

Nontoxic formula makes this ideal for classrooms and conference rooms. Easily cleans and refreshes whiteboards--just spray and wipe with a soft cloth.

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Franklin Cleaning Technology® First Class Furniture Polish, Floral Scent, 18 oz Aerosol Can, 12/Carton

Give wood the deep clean and beautiful polish it deserves. Easy to use, with spray and wipe application. Furniture cleaning spray hides minor scuffs and scratches. Excellent for cleaning other surfaces as well—effective on vinyl, plastic and rubber. Contains no CFCs.

Manufacturers Item #F801015
Add to Cart $74.90/CT

Goo Gone® Mess-Free Pen Cleaner

Say goodbye to gummy, greasy, gooey problems. Convenient pen makes it easy to clean up sticky messes. Simply press pen tip against the problem area and rub the problem away. Chisel tip provides precise control in a spill-proof and unbreakable applicator. Safely removes adhesives, gum, tar, crayon, scuff marks, wax and sap. Excellent for use on hard non-porous surfaces, as well as carpeting, upholstery, clothing and more. Keep one in your handbag or briefcase--perfect for travel!

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Goo Gone® Original Surface Cleaner

Say goodbye to gummy, greasy, gooey problems. Cleanser combines scientific technology with the power of citrus to defeat the toughest stains. Safely removes adhesives, gum, tar, crayon, scuff marks, wax and sap. Excellent for use on hard non-porous surfaces, as well as carpeting, upholstery, clothing and more.

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Goo Gone® Pro-Power Cleaner

Pro Power formula is enhanced to tackle the toughest jobs --there’s no job too big or too small. Use it to remove caulk and silicone, contractor’s adhesive, grease and tar, tape, tape residue, varnish, wax and glue. Designed for use on hard non-porous surfaces in addition to soft fabric surfaces, like carpet, clothing and upholstery. Surface-safe and fast-working remover. Goo Gone® has proven itself as a dependable adhesive remover, taking care of all of the sticky, gooey, gummy messes in your life.

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Goo Gone® Spray Gel Surface Cleaner

Say goodbye to gummy, greasy, gooey problems. Drip-free gel clings securely to the stain without harming the surface below. Cleanser combines scientific technology with the power of citrus to defeat the toughest stains. Safely removes adhesives, gum, tar, crayon, scuff marks, wax and sap. Excellent for use on hard non-porous surfaces, as well as carpeting, upholstery, clothing and more.

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Pledge® Furniture Polish

Brings back that fresh look to furniture. Cleans and protects wood furniture, cabinets, paneling, vinyl and leather. Anti-dust™ formula leaves no polish or waxy buildup. Shines, dusts and polishes in one step. Leaves a pleasant scent.

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Pledge® Multi-Surface Cleaner Wipes

Premoistened wipes remove dust, dirt, smudges and fingerprints from a variety of surfaces. Effective on sealed wood, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome, sealed marble and granite, appliances, countertops, porcelain and electronics. No need to switch products. Leaves a streak-free shine.

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Pledge® Wipes

Premoistened to clean, polish and protect furniture with no wax buildup. Great for hard-to-reach areas. Use on furniture, cabinets, paneling, vinyl, marble and leather.

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Professional EASY-OFF® Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Clean and polish stainless steel surfaces at the same time with specially formulated Easy-Off®. Strong and effective, it removes fingerprints, smears and soils. Abrasive-free, leaving your surfaces scratch-free.

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Quartet® Whiteboard Spray Cleaner for Dry Erase Boards, 17 oz Spray Bottle

Wipe any Quartet® whiteboard free of dry erase ink and dirt with this specially formulated cleaner. Just spray and wipe. Perfect for boards located in high-traffic spaces such as classrooms and conference rooms. Plant-based formulation.

Manufacturers Item #550
Add to Cart $15.57/EA

Reckitt Benckiser Noxon 7 Metal Polish, Liquid, 12 oz. Bottle

Thick formula cleans and shines on a variety of metal surfaces. Gently removes tarnish from seven different types of metal. Can be applied to both outside and indoor appliances, from aluminum patio furniture to keepsake bronze baby shoes.

Manufacturers Item #REC 00117
Add to Cart $71.37/CT

2XL CareWipes Glass/LCD/Touchscreen Wipes, 7" x 8", Cloth, WH, Wet, 70/TB, 6 TB/CT

Premoistened wipes protect screens against sweat, grime and dirt. Specially formulated to cleanse screens thoroughly and effectively. Use the wipes to eliminate the destructive exposure to moisture that can accompany the use of spray cleaners. Ideal for use in cleaning fitness equipment LCD screens, glass and touch-screens.

Manufacturers Item #TXL L600
Add to Cart $101.34/CT

3M Desk and Office Cleaner

Excellent for most surfaces. Non-abrasive formulation cuts through grease, dirt and grime.

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3M Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Cleans and polishes stainless steel, chrome, aluminum and laminated plastic surfaces. High-gloss formula wipes clean with no streaks or buildup. Resists fingerprints and masks surface blemishes. Leaves a pleasant fragrance after use.

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Armor All® Leather Cleaning Wipes, 20 Wipes/Canister, 6 Canisters/Carton

Deep-cleaning wipes penetrate into the grain of leather, removing dirt and soil for a thorough clean. Built-in conditioners enhance leather's natural beauty, restoring its soft, supple texture. Powerful blocking agents protect against spills, stains, cracking, fading, discoloration and premature aging. Wipes are excellent for use on leather car interiors, to keep your vehicle as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

Manufacturers Item #ARM 10881
Add to Cart $50.40/CT

Armor All® Original Protectant

Protects vinyl, rubber and plastic from fading, cracking and discoloring caused by UV, ozone, oxidation and extreme temperatures. Water-based formula.

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Armor All® Auto Protectant Wipes, 25/Canister

Protects vinyl, rubber and plastic from fading, cracking and discoloring caused by UV, ozone, oxidation and extreme temperatures. Water-based formula.

Manufacturers Item #ARM 10861
Add to Cart $50.40/CT

Hope's® Perfect Sink Cleaner and Polish, 8.5oz Bottle

Quickly restore a like-new shine to your sink. Easy to apply formula gently scrubs like a cleanser, yet shines like a fine polish. Quickly removes though stains, polishes to a brilliant shine, and leaves an invisible barrier that repels water and makes cleaning easier. Great for stainless steel, CORIAN® (solid surface), cast iron, composite, acrylic and vitreous china.

Manufacturers Item #9SK6
Add to Cart $6.54/EA

Hope's® Perfect Stainless Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish, 22oz Bottle

Give your stainless steel appliances a rich, beautiful shine in just one step. Developed specifically for those frustrated with the streaks and film left by ordinary stainless steel polishes. Unique, sprayable cream cleaner and polish that clings to vertical surfaces and applies evenly for a uniform shine. Great for all stainless steel appliances, including refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, range hoods, sinks, faucets, and more. Leave your stainless steel surfaces looking perfect without the harsh chemicals or odors.

Manufacturers Item #22PS6
Add to Cart $8.51/EA

SC Johnson® Paste Wax, Multi-Purpose Floor Protector, 16oz Tub, 6/Carton

Hard-finish, buildable paste wax provides luster, long-lasting beauty and excellent protection to all wood surfaces. Multi-use formula helps protect metal, sealed leather, plastic, sealed cork and vinyl. Easy to use: just apply to surface and buff by hand or with a powered polisher.

Manufacturers Item #DRK CB002038
Add to Cart $75.75/CT

SCRUBS® Furniture Polishing Wipes

Furniture polishing wipes are a fast, easy and efficient way to polish and dust a variety of surfaces. These wipes combine a highly absorbent, soft disposable cloth and a specially formulated lemon scented furniture polish. The wipes shine, condition and remove dirt and dust without messy build-up or unsightly and unsafe over-spray—all-in-one easy step.

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SCRUBS® Graffiti & Spray Paint Remover Towels

Premoistened, dual-textured towel loosens and dissolves paint, then holds residue without redepositing it on surface. Highly absorbent, disposable. One-step process is quick, easy and economical. Use on metal, glass, porcelain, vinyl, stainless steel, Plexiglas®, aluminum, Formica and baked enamel paints. Self-dispensing canister.

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SCRUBS® Green Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning wipes are effective on any water-safe hard surface in home or office. Flushable; contain no dyes or hazardous ingredients.

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SCRUBS® Multi-Surface Wipes, Cloth, 6 x 8, 50/Canister, 6 Canisters/Carton

Use these dual-textured, multi-surface wipes for tough or easy cleaning. The abrasive side gives you the power of a scrub brush that won't scratch the surface, while the smooth side allows you to clean virtually any surface. The cleaning formula cuts through adhesive residue, grease and grime and combined with the dual texture, makes daily cleaning a breeze. Gentle enough to use on most water-safe surfaces.

Manufacturers Item #90456
Add to Cart $40.05/CT

SCRUBS® Stainless Steel Cleaner Towels

Stainless steel cleaner and polish in convenient premoistened towels. Clean, polish, brighten and protect in one step without dripping or overspraying. Prevent water marks and corrosion while preserving the high luster of stainless steel. For use on stainless, steel, chrome and aluminum.

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SCRUBS® White Board Cleaner Wipes

Lint-free wipe cleans and restores white boards in one easy step. Removes ghosting, grease, stains and shadows. Soft, absorbent wipe can be used as an eraser as well as a cleaner. Picks up marker dust ordinary erasers leave behind. Nontoxic, low-alcohol formula leaves a light, clean scent.

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Seventh Generation® Natural Wood Cleaner

Cleans, conditions and makes wood surfaces glow. Nontoxic formula made with a unique blend of plant-based ingredients and organic coconut oil to clean, hydrate and restore with no yellowing build-up. Formulated to do its best work on treated wood, but also works well on other hard, non-porous surfaces. No phosphates, dyes or synthetic fragrances, and leaves no harsh fumes. Lemon Chamomile scent from essential oils and botanical extracts.

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Sheila Shine Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Removes greasy film and water marks. Resists fingerprints and streaking. Repels water; preserves surface against deterioration. Requires no rubbing or polishing. Also works on Formica®, porcelain, fiberglass, enamel and plastic.

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simple green® Extreme Aircraft & Precision Equipment Cleaner

FAA air-craft-approved product cleans and protects finished and/or coated metals, plastics and fiberglass. Fast-working, high-performance solution cuts through built-up grease, oil, dirt, pollution, insect residue and impact soil. “Triple play” formula utilizes one grease lifter/cutter and two surfactants, ensuring high-capacity containment and easy rinsing. Time-tested, coupling-agent-fused anti-corrosion compounds prevent oxidation and hydrogen embrittlement. Oil/water separator-compatibility enables safe and easy recycling of petroleum-based contaminants. Concentrated form allows you to dilute to match the task at hand.

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simple green® Safety Towels

Pre-moistened, biodegradable wipes are safe to use on skin, metals and delicate surfaces. Dual-sided, non-abrasive design protects delicate surfaces including porcelian and laminates. Safely removes grease, oil, wet paint, tar and more.

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simple green® Stainless Steel One-Step Cleaner & Polish

Cleans and maintains chrome and stainless steel appliances and surfaces. Ready-to-use formula removes smudges, fingerprints and water stains. Protects surfaces from spills and daily wear and tear. Wipes clean for a deep luster. Residue-free.

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Bar Keepers Friend® Hard-Surface Soft Cleanser

Keep non-precious-metal and ceramic surfaces clean and shiny. Soft cleanser cleans cookware, counters, fixtures, golf clubs, bicycles, automotive wheels, drum cymbals and more. Rhubarb-root-derived cleaning agent (oxalic acid) removes rust, tarnish, lime, mineral scale, grime and stains. Bleach-free.

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Bar Keepers Friend® MORE Spray + Foam Cleaner

Keep non-precious-metal and ceramic surfaces clean and shiny. Foaming cleanser cleans cookware, counters, fixtures, golf clubs, bicycles, automotive wheels, drum cymbals and more. Rhubarb-root-derived cleaning agent (oxalic acid) removes rust, tarnish, lime, mineral scale, grime and stains. Bleach-free.

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Bar Keepers Friend® Powdered Cleanser & Polish

Keep non-precious-metal and ceramic surfaces clean and shiny. Powdered cleanser cleans cookware, counters, fixtures, golf clubs, bicycles, automotive wheels, drum cymbals and more. Rhubarb-root-derived cleaning agent (oxalic acid) removes rust, tarnish, lime, mineral scale, grime and stains. Bleach-free and chlorine-free.

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Bar Keepers Friend® Soft Cleanser

Keep non-precious-metal and ceramic surfaces clean and shiny. Soft cleanser cleans cookware, counters, fixtures, golf clubs, bicycles, automotive wheels, drum cymbals and more. Rhubarb-root-derived cleaning agent (oxalic acid) removes rust, tarnish, lime, mineral scale, grime and stains. Bleach-free.

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Better Life® Naturally Power-Polishing Stainless Steel Cleaner, Lavender Chamomile,16oz Spray

Natural stainless polish is safe and effective for cleaning and polishing stainless steel appliances. Leaves a streak free shine without any residue. Non-toxic stainless steel cleaner and polish is free of dyes and alcohol. Contains no mineral oils or silicones. Removes fingerprints and smudges. Repels dust and water stains. Hypoallergenic. Also great on chrome, nickel, titanium, and other fine metal surfaces.

Manufacturers Item #895454002096
Add to Cart $5.99/EA

Better Life® Naturally Dust-Defying Wood Polish, Cinnamon Lavender, 16 oz Bottle

Natural wood furniture cleaner and polish is safe to use on cabinets, paneling, engineered woods, antiques, and veneers. Leaves a streak free shine with no residue. No mineral oils or silicones. Cleaner repels dust. Hypoallergenic cleaner is great for those with allergies. Sulfate free, with no parabens, no pthalates and no ethoxylates.

Manufacturers Item #895454002119
Add to Cart $5.99/EA

Boardwalk® Furniture Polish

Simply spray on then wipe away dirt, dust, smudges and fingerprints instantly without rubbing. Leaves a protective coating that resists dust, grime and water. Works great on furniture, Formica, woodwork, enameled surfaces, leather, vinyl, brass, chrome, stainless steel, marble, appliances and glass surfaces.

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Boardwalk® Furniture Polish Wipes, 10 x 7, Lemon Scent, 24/Pack, 12 Packs/Carton

Premoistened wipes clean and protect wood finishes. Safe to use on furniture, shelves, paneling, leather and vinyl. Leave a natural shine with no waxy build-up. Easy seal zipper pack.

Manufacturers Item #XX BWK 346-W
Add to Cart $47.10/CT

Boardwalk® Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Cleans and polishes stainless steel, chrome, copper, aluminum, brass and other metal surfaces. Water-in-oil emulsion formula means the product acts like a solvent (oil based) without the oiliness or flammability. Pleasantly fragranced polish cuts through oil and grease while leaving a protective shine. Contains no chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters.

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Boardwalk® Stainless Steel Wipes, 8 x 7, 30/Canister, 12 Canisters/Carton

Remove fingerprints, smudges and water spots from stainless steel surfaces. Restore, protect, clean and shine without the use of abrasives. Also safe for use on chrome, brass, aluminum, copper, ceramic and porcelain. Convenient canister.

Manufacturers Item #XX BWK 347-W
Add to Cart $134.31/CT

Boardwalk® Vandalism Mark Remover

Removes spray paint from restroom walls, public buildings, road signs, trucks and buses. Also works on scuff marks, pencil, ballpoint ink, permanent marker, crayon, lipstick, road tar and other oil-and solvent-based marks.

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BRASSO® Metal Surface Polish, 8 oz Bottle

Clean, polish and protect brass, copper, chrome, stainless steel, pewter, bronze and aluminum. For a brilliant shine and a smooth, polished surface choose BRASSO®. Use it on metal furniture, lamps, door handles, chrome and stainless steel trim, appliances, carpet rods, copper-bottom cookware, steel sinks and more.

Manufacturers Item #REC 89334
Add to Cart $39.92/CT

LIME-A-WAY® Lime, Calcium & Rust Remover

Easily cleans lime, calcium and rust stains. Coats surfaces to effectively clean tough hard water build-up.

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Swiffer® Dust & Shine Multi-Surface Spray

Dust and shine with this wax-free furniture polish. Light and even misting makes it easy to spray and wipe away. May be used on wood as well as leather, polished stone and vinyl.

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Tarn-X® PRO Tarnish Remover

Wipe and rinse tarnish remover. Instantly removes tarnish. Specifically formulated to clean sterling silver, silver plate, platinum, copper, gold and diamonds. Also great for cleaning gold plated items. Non-flammable.

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Twinkle® Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Water-based formula removes grease, dirt, fingerprints, smudges and water marks from stainless steel, brass, aluminum and chrome. Leaves no residue or greasy film. Protects against resoiling.

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Chase Products Champion Sprayon Furniture Polish, Lemon, 17oz, Aerosol, 12/Carton

Clean, polish and condition wood surfaces all at once. Smooth, scented formula provides a brilliant wax-free shine. Highly effective product helps restore neglected wood surfaces.

Manufacturers Item #CHA 5136
Add to Cart $81.03/CT

Chase Products Champion Sprayon Stainless Steel Cleaner, 16oz, Aerosol, 12/Carton

Deep-cleaning foam restores the luster to stainless steel, aluminum, brass, chrome, copper, zinc and silver. Oil-based shield protects against water spots, stains and fingerprints. SprayAnyWay™ valve enables application regardless of how the can is oriented.

Manufacturers Item #CHA 5197
Add to Cart $99.39/CT

Clorox® Urine Remover

Breaks down urine to quickly eliminate, not mask, odors. It quickly removes stains with the oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide and the stain-lifting power of surfactants. This versatile cleaner is specially formulated for tough-to-clean porous surfaces, like grout, notorious for trapping urine odors. Ideal for uses in hotels, long-term care facilities, locker rooms, schools, and high-traffic restrooms.

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CLR® PRO Metal Cleaner

Gently cleans and shines aluminum, brass, bronze, chrome, nickel, gold, rose gold, pewter, stainless steel, silver plate and sterling silver. Also works well on titanium palladium, tungsten and cobalt. Non-corrosive formula can be used on precious and semi-precious stones.

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CLR® Stainless Steel Cleaner, Citrus, 12oz Can, 6/Carton

For all stainless steel appliances. Provides a clean, streak-free shine. Leaves no residue.

Manufacturers Item #CSS-12
Add to Cart $69.12/CT

Diversey™ Deep Gloss Stainless Steel Maintainer, 16oz Aerosol, 12/Carton

When your image matters, choose Deep Gloss®. Versatile formula cleans and protects stainless steel as well as several other forms of metal trim. Vertical-cling foaming action helps ensure full coverage. Highly effect, it both cleans and protects against finger marks, smudges and water marks.

Manufacturers Item #DRK 4970590
Add to Cart $147.75/CT

Diversey™ Shine-Up™ Furniture Cleaner

Get a beautiful, bright hard-wax shine in no more time than it takes to dust your solid and laminated wood furniture. Cleaner removes fingerprints, smudges and common oil-based marks. Blended polish helps protect surfaces against ordinary wear.

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Diversey™ Temp Paste Cleaner & Polish, Lavender Scent, 24oz Tub, 12/Carton

Reliable cleansing paste polishes tile, enamel, metal and porcelain. Also for use as a graffiti remover. Mildly abrasive formula quickly removes stubborn stains. Easy to use—simply wipe on and wipe off. Safe on most surfaces.

Manufacturers Item #DRK 4410279
Add to Cart $194.60/CT

Diversey™ Wall Power Foaming Wall Washer, 20 oz Can, 12/Carton

Powerful formula cuts through grease and grime without scrubbing. Effective on all washable surfaces. Contains ammonia for powerful clean.

Manufacturers Item #DRK 5401786
Add to Cart $144.42/CT

Duck® Adhesive Remover, 5.45oz Spray Bottle

Save time and aggravation by having the right product at hand. Liquid solution works on duct tape, masking tape, carpet tape, weatherstripping, mounting tape, labels, stickers, gum, tar, caulk and more. Safe for use on all surfaces. Sponge applicator for easy and precise application. Includes built-in scraping tool.

Manufacturers Item #00-01560-01
Add to Cart $9.59/EA

Dymon® Graffiti/Paint Remover, Jelled Formula, 20oz Aerosol

Remove graffiti from your walls and surfaces. The versatile formula can be used on most surfaces. Jelled formula will not run off vertical surfaces--making cleaning an easier and quicker process. The cleaner stays on the surface long enough to emulsify and work harder to remove paint and graffiti--and does so without extra clean up.

Manufacturers Item #DYM 07820
Add to Cart $141.94/CT

SCRUBS® Gym Equipment Cleaner Wipes, 6 x 8, White, 230 Wipes/Bucket, 6 Buckets/Carton

Help your patrons keep workout equipment clean for the next user with these handy wipes. Soft, nonabrasive towels clean and deodorize at once. Safe for all surfaces.

Manufacturers Item #DYM 90723
Add to Cart $196.88/CT

Dymon® Stainless Steel Cleaner, 20oz, Aerosol, 12/Carton

Handy product cleans, polishes and protects aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, copper and brass. Solvent-based formula removes spots, grease, water marks, filmy residue and fingerprints. Use a clean, dry cloth to produce a high gloss shine.

Manufacturers Item #DYM 20920
Add to Cart $148.57/CT

Method® Wood for Good Daily Clean, 28 oz Spray Bottle

Keep your wooden furniture looking lovely with this safe, gentle product that cleans and conditions wood. Streak-free, no-wax formula leaves no residue, letting wood's natural luster shine through. Thorough cleanser tackles grease, grime, crumbs and fingerprints, leaving behind nothing but a beautiful shine. Non-toxic, plant-based daily cleaner. Convenient cleanser leaves a pleasant almond scent. Triclosan free and no animal testing. Biodegrades in less than 28 days.

Manufacturers Item #01182
Add to Cart $9.69/EA

Method® Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner, Almond Scent, 25 oz Squirt Bottle

Keep your wood floors looking beautiful with a cleanser that effectively cleans, shines and deodorizes wood floors. Nontoxic formula gets floors clean. There's no need to get the bucket out with this convenient, ready-to-use cleanser—the spray nozzle will do just fine. Cleanser avoids puddling. Specially formulated for all kinds of floors: wood, stone, tile or laminate. Leaves behind a pleasant, almond scent.

Manufacturers Item #817939005620
Add to Cart $10.39/EA

Misty® Aspire Furniture Cleaner & Polish, Lemon Scent, 16oz Aerosol

Give the furniture in your home or office a brilliant shine with a cleaner that's 98% free of volatile chemical compounds. Contains no silicone or wax to build up on surface. Aerosol can produces foaming solution that's water-based and nonflammable.

Manufacturers Item #AMR A133-20
Add to Cart $111.75/CT

Misty® Solvent Spot Remover, 20 oz. Aerosol Can

Solvent spot remover quickly dissolves a variety of stains from carpets and fabrics. Blasting, direct stream allows you to powerfully hit localized stains with a minimal amount of overspray. Nonflammable, blended solvents dry fast and are ozone-safe.

Manufacturers Item #1001620
Add to Cart $183.00/CT

Motsenbocker's Lift-Off® #1: Food, Beverage & Pets Stain Remover

Effective water-based solution. Removes stains such as coffee, tea, chocolate, Kool-Aid®, pet stains, soda pop, wine, sauces, ketchup, blood and grass from all surfaces including carpets, clothing, upholstery and hard surfaces.

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Motsenbocker's Lift-Off® #2: Adhesives, Grease & Oily Stains Tape Remover

New low-VOC formula removes chewing gum, adhesives, labels, grease, tar, motor oil, sap, crayon, candle wax and oil-based foods from carpet, fabric, vinyl and virtually any hard surface. Rated the Best New Formulation of the Year by Popular Science.

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Motsenbocker's Lift-Off® #3: Pen, Ink & Marker Graffiti Remover

Removes most inks, including permanent marker, ballpoint pen, highlighter, stamp pad and fountain pen inks. Designed to work on hard surfaces, yet can be used safely on clothing and upholstery. Removes nail polish and correction fluid from clothing, dry-erase boards and countertops. Water-based.

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Motsenbocker's Lift-Off® #4 Spray Paint Graffiti Remover

This biodegradable and water-based formula breaks the molecular bond between spray paint and the surface, making it highly effective. The versatile formula removes aerosol, enamel, acrylic, high- and semi-high-gloss paints—and can do it on a number of surfaces such as signs, Plexiglas®, street signs, vinyl and plastic, even porous surfaces such as brick and concrete. Spray, then wipe away instantly.

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Motsenbocker's Lift-Off® Dry Erase Board Cleaner Wipes

Water-based solution removes dry erase marks, ghosting and shadows. Streak-free formula makes old boards look like new. Also removes correction fluid, pen ink, highlighter and permanent marker stains from desktops, countertops, walls and office equipment.

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Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser

Disposable, soft pads erase set-in dirt and grime quickly and easily. They remove scuff marks, dirt and tough crayon marks from floors, walls and doors. Safe to use; no gloves or chemicals necessary.

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Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser Extra Power

Innovative water-activated micro-scrubbers reach into surface grooves, lifting away the toughest soils with water alone. Textured and 50% stronger than Magic Eraser Original for heavy-duty cleaning. Holds up to tough messes better and lasts longer before you need to replace it. Ideal for use on kitchen appliances, tiles and grout, and even grill grates, lawn furniture and more.

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Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser Replacement Pads for Handy Grip, 4 3/5 x 3 1/5 White 4/PK, 8 PK/CT

Get a handle on big messes with this multipurpose cleaner. Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser Handy-Grip gives you better leverage so you can tackle large messes with less effort. The Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser Handy-Grip lets you use the entire pad with every swipe, which means you’re using the maximum amount of power as you tackle your kitchen, bathroom, tiles, tough stains and a variety of surfaces.

Manufacturers Item #PGC 86439CT
Add to Cart $79.60/CT

Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser Kitchen Scrubber

Now infused with Dawn® dish detergent, this scrubber pad does more than ever. Effectively removes organic debris and common soils. Cuts through grease and stains.

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Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser - All Purpose, 2 2/5" x 4 3/5", 1" Thick, White

Brighten up! Magic pads allow you to quickly and easily erase set-in dirt and grime. Water-activated micro-scrubbers reach into nooks and grooves to remove built-up grease and soap scum. Unique formula does wonders with scuff and tough crayon marks. Mild detergent is safe on sensitive skin: no gloves required.

Manufacturers Item #PGC 82027
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O-Cedar® Commercial Maxi-Clean Eraser Sponges, 4 1/2 x 2 3/4 x 1 1/2, White, 24/Carton

Save yourself from scrubbing, with a convenient eraser sponge that quickly and easily removes marks from surfaces such as walls, appliances, baseboards and more. Chemical-free eraser requires only water. Provides most effective cleaning on hard, smooth surfaces. Sturdy melamine cleaning surfaces on both sides of sponge. Eraser eliminates crayon, ink, permanent marker and scuff marks with minimal effort. An excellent choice for everyday cleaning - perfect for kitchens and classrooms.

Manufacturers Item #CB961504
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OLD ENGLISH® Furniture Polish

For superior protection of wood finishes. Cleans, shines and conditions without leaving a waxy buildup. Helps prevent drying and cracking. Finish resists dust and fingerprints.

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OLD ENGLISH® Furniture Scratch Cover

Liquid scratch cover restores the look of your wood furniture. Convenient product effectively masks unsightly nicks and scratches. For use on dark wood, including mahogany and cherry.

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Universal® Dry Erase Cleaning Wet Wipes, 5 x 10, 50/Pack

Premoistened wipes in a handy pop-up container help keep dry erase surfaces looking like new.

Manufacturers Item #UNV43660
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Universal® Dry Erase Spray Cleaner, 8oz Spray Bottle

Removes marker, dust and dirt from any dry erase surface. Wipes clean with dry cleaning wipes (sold separately).

Manufacturers Item #UNV43661
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WEIMAN® E-tronic Wipes, 5 x 7, 30/Canister

E-tronic Wipes are ideal for keeping your electronics free of dust, fingerprints, and dirt. The streak-free, lint-free and ammonia-free formula repels dust and eliminates static. Easy to use wipes make for a convenient clean. Streak-free, lint-free and ammonia-free formula. Excellent for use on all your TVs, computers, and phones.

Manufacturers Item #93
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WEIMAN® Leather Wipes

Premium, top-quality leather wipes are designed to help care for and maintain the natural beauty of leather products. Leather wipes not only clean leather, but also condition, protect and restore all kinds of leather products. Wipes are specially formulated using a sophisticated micro-oil emulsion process with six natural oils. The UVX-15 sunscreen protects your leather from the damaging effects of the sun. Apply directly onto smooth, finished leather surfaces. Excellent for use on leather furniture, coats, shoes, briefcases, luggage, car interiors and more.

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WEIMAN® Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish

Cleanser is specially formulated for stainless steel surfaces. It is excellent for removing dirt, residue, fingerprints, water spots, and more. It provides a brilliant, streak-free shine without any hard rubbing. In addition to cleaning and polishing, it protects your stainless steel by leaving a shiny, protective barrier that resists fingerprints and repels dust and dirt. Recommended for all stainless steel, including large appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and stoves as well as the exteriors of smaller appliances such as microwaves, toasters and coffeemakers. Also excellent for stainless steel countertops, outdoor stainless steel kitchen elements and BBQ grills.

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WEIMAN® Stainless Steel Wipes

Stainless steel can be tricky to clean but stainless steel wipes are a convenient way to quickly and easily clean, shine and protect stainless steel appliances. The wipes are designed to resist fingerprints, water marks, and grease, while also repelling dust and dirt. Excellent for cleaning all types of stainless steel, including refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, range hoods, sinks and other kitchen appliances.

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