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Pac-Kit® Small Industrial Bloodborne Pathogen Kit, Plastic Case, 4.5"H x 7.5"W x 2.75"D

Safely clean dangerous messes and blood-borne pathogens with a complete bloodborne pathogen clean-up kit. Kit contains separate clean-up and protective apparel packs. Weatherproof plastic case keeps supplies clean and safe. Material(s): Weatherproof Plastic; Height: 4 1/2"; Width: 7 1/2"; Depth: 2 3/4".
Manufacturers Item #579-3060
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Big D Industries D'vour Clean-up Kit, Powder, All Inclusive Kit, 6/Carton

The BIG D® D-VOUR KIT transforms a liquid spill into an odorless, semi-solid mass for disposal. Effective for spills of blood, urine, feces, food and other malodor sources, this kit contains all the necessary items for clean up and disposal of spilled bodily fluids following the guidelines of OSHA and The Centers for Disease Control. Each D-VOUR KIT contains: 1 packet of D-VOUR (absorbs 80 to 100 times its weight), 1 pair of disposable gloves, 2 disposable scoops with hand grips, 1 black disposable plastic bag, 1 red biohazard disposable plastic bag, 1 germicidal disposable wipe, 2 antiseptic disinfectant towelettes, and instructions for clean up and disposal of spilled bodily fluids which follow the guidelines of OSHA and The Centers for Disease Control. Material(s): Plastic; Refillable: No.
Manufacturers Item #BGD 169
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Boardwalk® Bloodborne Pathogen Kit, 30 Pieces, 3" x 8" x 5", White

Convenient blood clean-up kit comes in a heavy-duty plastic case with safety latch and handle. Case is wall-mountable for easy access. Complete kit comes with an assortment of tools and disposable personal protective equipment to safely clean up blood or other potentially infectious materials. Includes disposable gloves, shoe covers, an apron, protective eyewear, and an isolation mask to help protect cleaning personnel. Material(s): Plastic; Refillable: No; Height: 5"; Width: 3".
Manufacturers Item #BWK54865
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Over-the-Spill Station Kit, Pad Dispenser, 25 Large Pads and Fasteners

Pads can absorb up to 16 oz of liquid including coolants, oil, gasoline and solvents. Tablet includes pads that are perforated for easy removal and placement. Pads are constructed of melt-blown polypropylene for added strength and absorbency. Will not mildew. Sorbents Type: Pad; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 16 oz; Material Absorbed: All Liquids; Capacity (Weight): 16 oz.
Manufacturers Item #FG425100YEL
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Rubbermaid® Commercial “Over-The-Spill™” Pad Tablet

The Rubbermaid Commercial Mini Over the Spill Absorbent Pads Tablet contains 25 absorbent pads that each have a triangular "Caution" symbol as well as the words “Wet Floor” in both English and Spanish. These water and oil absorbent pads are a great way to alert customers of spills, which could cause slips or falls. The tablet backing, constructed of corrugated plastic, mounts on flat surfaces or affixes to wet floor signs for convenient storage. Each spill pad is made from melt-blown polypropylene for added strength and absorbs up to 12 ounces of fluid for efficient cleaning.
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