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Fuel / Warmer Candles


FancyHeat® Fuel Cartridge Butane, 2-4 Hour Setting, 8 oz Refill

Lasts up to two hours on high setting, four hours on low/simmer in a portable stove. Notched collar locks cartridge into place. Odorant added for scent detection. Universal cartridge fits most butane stoves.

Manufacturers Item #FHC F300
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FancyHeat® Ethanol Gel Chafing Fuel

Ethanol gel chafing fuel provides high output with consistent performance. Exceeds and maintains the FDA minimum holding temperature of 140 degrees. Nontoxic.

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FancyHeat® Methanol Gel Chafing Fuel Can, 2 1/2hr Burn, 7oz, 72/Carton

Gel chafing fuel cans provide high and consistent heat output with a reliable burn time.

Manufacturers Item #F800
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FancyHeat® Portable Butane Stove, 10,000 BTU, Piezoelectric Ignition, Black

Provides 10,000 BTU per hour heat for light- to medium-duty cooking. Piezoelectric ignition produces instant flame with a twist of the knob—no matches or lighters needed. Knob adjusts flame height. Easy-to-clean porcelain drop pan. Carry this stove on camping trips and more in a durable plastic carrying case (included).

Manufacturers Item #FHC F200
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Sterno® Butane Cartridge, Liquid, Can, 8oz, 12 Cans Per Carton

Sterno® Brand butane fuel cartridges are long-lasting, working for either two hours on a high setting or four hours on a low/simmer setting in a portable stove. They have an added odorant for scent detection and added safety. Their universal design works with all stoves and culinary torches that accept 8-ounce cartridges. They are also UL/cUL listed.

Manufacturers Item #STE 50100
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Sterno® Ethanol Gel Chafing Fuel Can, 182.4g, 72/Carton

Provides optimal heat output. Created to reach and maintain the FDA minimum food holding temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal for food applications because of its reliable, steady burn and is versatile enough to be used with a broad range of equipment.

Manufacturers Item #STE 20108
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Sterno® Handy Fuel Methanol Gel Chafing Fuel, 189.9g, Two-Hour Burn, 72/Carton

Methanol gel chafing fuel cans create a high and consistent heat output. Burns up to two hours and produce a maximum temperature of 175 degrees Fahrenheit. They are ideal for full-size chafing dishes and great for use with hot boxes.

Manufacturers Item #STE 20102
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Sterno® Chafing Fuel Can With Stem Wick, Methanol,1.89g, Six-Hour Burn, 24/Carton

These chafing fuel cans stay cool even when lit, ensuring safe handling. They have a consistent heat output, maintaining food within the temperature safety zone above 141 degrees Fahrenheit, with a maximum temperature of 175 degrees. The replaceable twist cap makes it resealable and reusable. Spill-proof with a reliable six-hour burn time. Ideal for large beverage urns and soup tureens.

Manufacturers Item #STE 10102
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Iwatani Butane Fuel Can, 7-4/5oz, 12/Carton

Fuel cans have high quality butane. They are non-clogging and come equipped with rim vent release, which releases pressure in the event of abnormal pressure build-up. They are UL listed.

Manufacturers Item #BU-6
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Iwatani Butane Gas Match Lighter, 2 oz

The Iwatani Gas Match is an economical, all-purpose and easy-to-use lighter. It is disposable and perfect for any situation requiring a match. It is equipped with a child-safety lock and has an adjustable flame. Its long neck makes it easy for you to access hard-to-reach places.

Manufacturers Item #GM-5
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Iwatani Cassette-Fue Portable Butane Stove, Piezoelectric Ignition,12,000 BTU, 11x14x4.3

Compact stove with sturdy construction and enhanced performance. Helps maintain maximum BTU output for the entire life of the fuel canister, significantly reducing wasted gas—just 10,000 BTU for 74 minutes of use! Piezoelectric ignition for easy, dependable matchless lighting. Automatic safety device shuts off burner if abnormal pressure builds up within fuel canister. Plastic carrying case for easy portability and storage. Ideal to take on camping trips or to the big game for some tailgating.

Manufacturers Item #ZA-3HP
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Iwatani Cooking Torch, 2/5 lb, 150 Minute Burn

This Iwatani cooking torch provides a powerful flame for an extended period of time, burning at maximum heat for up to 150 minutes. It delivers a strong flame for a dish that requires a quick flame torch-up. It also has an adjustable air intake, allowing you to concentrate the flame for precision charring or to dull it for an even browning. Easy to regulate air and gas flow with adjustable knobs. For professional use only.

Manufacturers Item #CB-TCPRO
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