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High Access Cleaning


Rubbermaid® Commercial HYGEN™ HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Flexible Dusting Wand

Flexible, long, wide but thin wand conforms to narrow spaces and the shape of irregular surfaces. High-pile, washable microfiber sleeve effectively removes dust, dirt and grime. Quick-Connect mechanism enables attachment to compatible extension poles for greater versatility.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial HYGEN™ HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Microfiber Dusting Wand Sleeve

High-pile microfiber sleeve attracts and traps cobwebs, dust and grime. Slip-on design simplifies wand attachment. Durable fibers stand up to normal wear and tear as well as repeated launderings.

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Unger® StarDuster Pipe Brush, 11", Green Handle

Curved, bendable design simplifies tough pipe cleaning tasks. Stiff, polypropylene bristles effectively remove dirt, dust and debris without scratching surfaces. Comfortable dual-design handle features an ACME-threaded internal socket.

Manufacturers Item #UNG PIPE
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Unger® Ergo Tele Pole, 8ft, Aluminum/Red

Access hard-to-reach areas with your duster, or tailor-fit your mop to your body with this versatile pole. Telescoping handle adjusts easily and may be locked into place. Snap-in Taper and ACME cone connections accommodate a variety of Unger® cleaning tools (sold separately). Lightweight design provides extra working comfort.

Manufacturers Item #UNG EP24R
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Unger® ErgoTec Locking Cone

Replacement cone features a dual-purpose tip that accommodates both Acme-thread and taper-lock attachment systems. Push-button lock ensures secure attachment and easy release. Easy to install to any Unger® extension pole (sold separately).

Manufacturers Item #UNG NCAN
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Unger® Fixi Clamp, Plastic, Green

Adjustable plastic clamp firmly holds tools like sponge, rags, mop heads and cloths. Attacks hard-to-reach dirt when used with Unger® Fixi Clamp Sponge (sold separately). For a high-rise cleaning tool combine with Unger® Telescopic Pole (sold separately).

Manufacturers Item #UNG FIXI
Add to Cart $53.60/EA

Unger® Fixi-Clamp Sponge, 8 x 3 in, 2" Thick, Orange

Use for general cleaning. Attacks hard-to-reach dirt when attached to the Unger Fixi Clamp (sold separately).

Manufacturers Item #UNG SP01
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Unger® Flood Sucker Bulb Changer

Safely and easily change hard-to-reach floodlights. Six-point suction cup holder securely attaches to flat-faced bulbs. Threaded insert mates with all Unger® telescoping poles.

Manufacturers Item #UNG FS00
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Unger® Opti-Loc Extension Pole

Anodized, extruded drawn aluminum pole with nylon locking collar. Snap-in threaded locking cone makes it easy to add and remove tools, even when wet. Accepts tools with tapered or threaded sockets. Ergonomically designed nylon handle grip for comfort. Sectioned for convenient carrying and storage.

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Unger® ProDuster 33"-45" Extending Handle

Extending handle simplifies high-reach cleaning tasks, minimizing stress and strain. Electrostatically charged sleeves attract and trap dust and grime. Quick-and-easy-change design accommodates Unger® DS10Y, DS50Y replacement sleeves (sold separately).

Manufacturers Item #UNG LWDUR
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Unger® StarDuster CobWeb Duster, 3 1/2" Handle

Cone-shaped duster gets into hard-to-reach ceiling/wall corners and crevices. Electrostatical charge improves dust attraction. Soft, split-tip bristles help ensure thorough cleaning. Duster may be used alone or with Unger® telescopic poles (sold separately).

Manufacturers Item #UNG COBW0
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Unger® StarDuster WallBrush Duster, 3 1/2" Handle

Wide oval shape helps simplify dusting walls and ceiling fans. Stiff, scratch-proof bristles accommodate rough surfaces without marring smooth surfaces, ensuring excellent task versatility. Duster may be used alone or with Unger® telescopic poles (sold separately).

Manufacturers Item #UNG WALB
Add to Cart $37.06/EA

Unger® TelePlus Modular Telescopic Extension Pole System, 6-30ft, Silver

Modular telescopic extension pole system keeps you safe on the ground with ladders. Six-foot-long sections can be added or removed to extend pole from 6 ft to 30 ft. Locking mechanisms secure pole at desired length. Provides safe and easy cleaning of hard-to-reach and high access areas. ErgoTec locking cone keeps cleaning and maintenance tools secure on pole.

Manufacturers Item #UNG TF900
Add to Cart $233.47/EA

Unger® Threaded Nylon-Cone Adapter

Durable, reliable nylon snap-on adapter features an internal Acme thread and an external pressure-fit taper. Universal Unger® design enables use with a wide variety of poles and attachments (sold separately). Easy to install and remove.

Manufacturers Item #NCA00
Add to Cart $7.39/EA

Unger® Threaded Wood-Cone Adapter

Adapter features an internal Acme thread and an external pressure-fit taper. Deep die cut provides reliable performance. Easy to install to any Unger® extension pole (sold separately).

Manufacturers Item #TWA00
Add to Cart $7.46/EA