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Ice Melter


Safe Step® Pro Series 370 Econo Blend Blue Ice Melt, 50lb Bag, 49/Carton

Powerful magnesium chloride/sodium chloride mix provides cost-effective, high-quality performance. High-visibility, bright blue crystals simplify even application. Effective down to -7° F.

Manufacturers Item #ICE SS56370
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Safe Step® Pro Series 550 Select Blend Ice Melt, 50lb Bag, 49/Carton

Those in the market for a high-quality, cost-efficient ice melt should try this potassium chloride/sodium chloride-based blend. Safe-to-handle product has been scientifically formulated for maximum melting power. Non-hygroscopic crystals are effective down to 0° F. Non-clumping; features an unlimited shelf life.

Manufacturers Item #ICE WS-50WH
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Safe Step® Pro Series® 570 Select Blend® Blue Ice Melt

Sodium chloride-based, scientifically formulated blend delivers superior melting power. Safe-to-handle, highly visible bright blue crystals are easy to apply evenly and efficiently. Non-hygroscopic ice melt is effective down to 0° F. Non-clumping product features an unlimited shelf life.

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Safe Step® Pro Series® 960 Choice Formula Ice Melt

Thoroughly blended, top-shelf ingredients ensure synergistic, fast-acting melting power. Less toxic than baking soda, Pro Series® 960 is safe for people, pets and lawns when used as directed. MG 104® melting catalyst accelerates performance while minimizing the potential for refreeze. Effective down to -10° F.

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Ice-A-Way® Rock Salt, 50lb Bag

When the weather creates obstacles, choose natural rock salt, one of the most cost-effective products available for removing snow and ice. Highly effective natural salt is easy to use, store and apply. Under severe conditions, salt may be safely mixed with a variety of performance enhancers.

Manufacturers Item #ICE ROCK
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