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GEN Bucket, 5gal, White

Tight, gasket-seal lid with screw-top pour spout ensures no-spill transport. High-density polyethylene construction stands up to just about anything you put in it. Wire handle with comfortable plastic sleeve.

Manufacturers Item #BPC 5GALCAN
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Brute Round Bucket, 10qt, Gray

Brute ® buckets have molded-in graduations for accurate measuring. Corrosive resistant bails with comfortable plastic grip.

Manufacturers Item #640-2963-GRAY
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Rubbermaid® Commercial BRUTE® Round Utility Pail

Measure and mix it up right using the convenient, molded-in volume graduations. Wide-long pour spout allows you to empty the pail without back splash. Heavy-duty, thick-walled molded plastic.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial Dirty Water Bucket for Wavebrake Bucket/Wringer, 18qt, Red

Wring dirt, grease and grime into separate bucket instead of back into cleaning solution for cleaner, less slippery floors. 18-quart capacity bucket. For up to 32-oz. mop heads. Structural web molded plastic construction. Use with Rubbermaid® Commercial WaveBrake® Wringers 6186-88, 7576-88, 7577-88YW, 7580-88YW (sold separately) to create a complete mopping system.

Manufacturers Item #9C7400
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Double Utility Pail

Double pail allows you to separate your cleaning solution from your rinse water. Molded-in graduations make it easy to fill and mix accurately. Wide pour spout. Durable, molded-plastic with metal loop handle.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial Executive Heavy Duty Pail

Heavy duty executive series pail makes cleaning quick and easy. Dark, discreet coloring hides dirt and marks. Durable, easy-to-clean surface keeps pail looking like new. Convenient, portable pail allows for easy cleaning in tight spaces.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial Executive WaveBrake™ Down-Press Mop Bucket

Maintain your clean with a powerful, durable down-press mop bucket, built to exceed 100,000 wringing cycles. Separates dirty water from clean water, concealing it and preserving the quality and cleaning power of cleaning solutions. Convenient and easy measuring, with graduated measurement markings. Discreet coloring hides dirt and maintains a positive image. WaveBrake system reduces splashing by up to 40%, preventing unnecessary mess. Quiet casters reduce noise - will not disturb guests and visitors.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial 5-Quart Disinfecting Utility Pail, 4 Colors

Enhance productivity. Holds cleaning solution, microfiber cloths and other cleaning supplies. Nine-inch deep walls hide contents and reduce spillage. Can be nested four high for easy storage.

Manufacturers Item #RCP 9T83
Add to Cart $71.33/ST

Rubbermaid® Commercial HYGEN™ Disposable Microfiber Charging Tub, White

Disposable charging tub aids in infection protection and provides optimal cleaning performance. Convenient charging tub is easy to use. Disposable tub effectively moistens up to 80 microfiber cloths. A vital part of the HYGEN™ Disposable Microfiber System.

Manufacturers Item #1822351
Add to Cart $70.71/CT

Rubbermaid® Commercial HYGEN™ Executive Microfiber Charging Mop Bucket, Gray/Black, Plastic, 10.5Wx25Dx13.5H

Get your cleaning done quickly and efficiently with a high capacity charger bucket - holds up to 20 microfiber pads. Latches are easy to open and close, allowing quick access. Water-tight lid securely contains chemicals, while non-porous surface prevents growth of bacteria. Convenient marks make it easy to refill with the appropriate amount of cleaning solution.

Manufacturers Item #RCP 1863892
Add to Cart $194.67/EA

Rubbermaid® Commercial HYGEN™ HYGEN Charging Bucket, Yellow

Designed especially for healthcare cleaning. Holds up to 20 wet pads, enough for one housekeeper per shift. Smooth, nonporous surface helps prevent bacterial growth. Molded-in filling guide helps you use right amount of solution each time. 6.8-gal. capacity. Accommodates pads up to 18". Use with Multi-Shelf Cleaning Cart, Rubbermaid® Commercial 6173-88 (sold separately).

Manufacturers Item #Q95000
Add to Cart $126.61/EA

Rubbermaid® Commercial HYGEN™ HYGEN Press Wring Bucket for Microfiber Flat Mops, Yellow

"Washboard surface" effectively removes dirt and debris from microfiber mop pads before wringing. Twist-valve empties contents without lifting. Smooth, non-porous surface helps prevent bacterial growth and cleans up easily. Buckets accommodate pads up to 18" in length.

Manufacturers Item #Q90088
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Microfiber Finish Bucket, 27 gal, Blue

Blue color-coding visually indicates that the bucket is dedicated to floor-finishing tasks. Angled, washboard-surface wall simplifies removing excess finish from your application pad. Lip-mounted notches allow you to prop mop handles up and keep them ready for use. Twist-valve enables easy finish release. Smooth, nonporous surface streamlines cleanup.

Manufacturers Item #Q930 00 BLUE
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Rubbermaid® Commercial WaveBrake® Bucket

Bucket is manufactured specifically for use with WaveBrake® side- and down-press wringers. Patented molded-in wave baffles reduce splashing by up to 40%, resulting in improved workplace safety and enhanced productivity. Structural web plastic ensures excellent durability. Buckets nest for easy stacking and compact storage.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial WaveBrake Side-Press Wringer, Yellow

Choose a wringer manufactured specifically for use with your 7- or 8.75-gallon WaveBrake® bucket. Single-action, side-press design is tested to last for more than 50,000 wring cycles. Ergonomic handle helps reduce wrist stress. Premium tubular steel and molded plastic construction ensures durability.

Manufacturers Item #RCP 6127-88 YEL
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San Jamar® Kleen-Pail®

Color-coded buckets help reduce the potential for task confusion and the risk of cross-contamination. Measurement markings aid in the mixing of cleaning and sanitizing solution. Thick, rigid plastic walls.

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Barnes Paper Company Lid for 5-Gallon Bucket, Polyethylene, White, 14" Diameter

Sturdy lid provides a tight seal, for safe, spill-proof protection. High density polyethylene construction ensures durability. Lid designed for use with 5-gallon buckets.

Manufacturers Item #BPC 5GALLID
Add to Cart $3.90/EA

Boardwalk® Microfiber Charging Bucket, 6 gal, Polypropylene, Gray, 11 x 21 x 11 1/2

Streamline your microfiber system with this presoak microfiber charging bucket. Holds up to 20 18" microfiber pads. It's easy. Just stack pads in the bucket, face down, pour in solution, seal the lid, and invert. Pads will absorb cleaning solution in 15-30 minutes. Comes with color flags to be HACCP compliant.

Manufacturers Item #CBMF6GY
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Unger® Pro Bucket, 6gal, Plastic, Green

Heavy duty bucket holds over six gallons. Ergonomic handle and large footprint increase stability and prevent spills. Includes measuring units and rounded pour spouts for emptying.

Manufacturers Item #QB220
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Unger® SmartColor Side Bucket, 1qt, Plastic, Gray

Caddy-style bucket is perfect for tool and supply storage. Integrated hanging bracket allows you to mount to SmartColor Mop Buckets. Color-coding decals enable task-specific labeling.

Manufacturers Item #UNG SMSBG
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PAK-IT® Bucket, 5 gal, White/Pink

5 gallon sturdy bucket is designed for use with PAK-IT® Vehicle Wash & Sheet single-use PAK-IT's. Features OSHA-compliant labeling. Durable silk screen label will not dissolve or fade when wet. Color-coordinated label is designed for easy identification and compliance.

Manufacturers Item #BIG 5478-4000-0001
Add to Cart $24.00/EA