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JT Eaton™ A-C Formula 90™ Seed Bait

Single feed rodenticide seed bait. Active ingredients chlorophacinone. Control Norway rats, roof rats and house mice. No bait shyness. First generation anticoagulant. "Tamper Evident" and resealable pail. Packed 84 x 4 oz. place packs per pail.

Manufacturers Item #706
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JT Eaton™ Stick-Em® Mouse Size Glue Trap

Non-poisonous. No toxic odors. Clean. Avoids dangers of pests dying in walls. Remains sticky at wide temperature extremes. Disposable. White trays. 4" x 3".

Manufacturers Item #122
Add to Cart $74.88/CASE

JT Eaton™ Stick-Em® Rat & Mouse Size Glue Trap

Non-poisonous. Works in wide temperature range. Peanut butter scented. Capture rats, mice, insects, and snakes. Packed bulk, 24 double traps.

Manufacturers Item #111-00
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d-CON® Disposable Bait Station, 3 x 3 x 1 1/4, 0.7 oz, 12/Carton

This ready-to-use prebaited bait station is good to go - no preparation or set-up necessary. There will never be a need to touch the poison. Product is child and dog resistant, for safe placement around the home. Discreet design allows for placement in all areas, even high traffic ones.

Manufacturers Item #89543
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d-CON® Mouse Glue Trap, Plastic

Solves mouse problems fast. Just separate and place on the floor. No need to bait.

Manufacturers Item #REC78642
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d-CON® Refillable Bait Station & Refills

No more pesky rodents - pick a bait that kills mice. This refillable bait station is ready to go - no work necessary on your part. Product is weather, child, and dog resistant, so it's safe to use around your home. Good for both indoor and outdoor use. Its low profile makes it an excellent choice for discreet usage and for use in high traffic areas.

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d-CON® Ultra Set Covered Snap Trap, Plastic

Safe and easy to set. Lets you rest assured that rodents are killed inside the snap trap. Its unique design means less chance of accidentally coming into contact with rodents. Reusable.

Manufacturers Item #REC 00027
Add to Cart $33.26/CT

Diversey™ Cobra Replacement Adhesive Trapping Boards, 15/Box

Adhesive boards operate silently to trap flying insects -- no electrical zap. Designed for use with Cobra™ Insect Light Traps. Easy to install and remove.

Manufacturers Item #312502-00
Add to Cart $140.01/CT