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Floor Sealers


Buckeye® 1st Down® Sealer

A water-based sealer for resilient tile, concrete, terrazzo and masonry surfaces.

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Buckeye® Cirene™ Sealer/Finish - Gal.

A water emulsion sealer/finish for use on concrete, terrazzo and masonry floors. Meets ASTM C309.

Manufacturers Item #5140-1000
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Diversey™ JonCrete High Gloss Sealer, 5 gal, 1 Envirobox/Carton

Select this durable high gloss sealer for beauty and for excellent stain resistance. Sealer improves sweeping and cleaning results. Preserves floors for longer, resisting traffic and wear. Water-based formula fortified with urethane provides powerful protection for your floors.

Manufacturers Item #5104845
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Franklin Cleaning Technology® Accolade™ Sealer

Versatile, urethane-fortified sealer/finish for use on high-visibility, nonresilient flooring. Applies easily with finish mop and dries to a durable gloss. Burnishable. Provides protection of a quality sealer and gloss of a floor finish. Will not yellow. Contains 20% solids. Meets ASTM D-2047-82 standard for slip resistance.

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Franklin Cleaning Technology® Stone Floor Sealer, 1 gal Bottle, 4/Carton

Highly-effective, water-based stone floor sealer. Fluoropolymer impregnating sealer. Formulated to help protect your stone and grout surfaces from water and oil born stains. Provides an invisible barrier resistant to stains, while allowing the surface to properly breathe. Protects stone and grout. Cures for foot traffic in as little as two hours. Full cure in 24 hours.

Manufacturers Item #FRK F291022
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Franklin Cleaning Technology® Water Based Acrylic Floor Sealer, 5gal

Water based, non-yellowing acrylic floor sealer applies easily and dries to a beautiful satin gloss with excellent detergent resistance. For all resilient and non-resilient floors except unsealed wood. High levels of durability and permanency, and excellent choice where protection from salt exposure is required.

Manufacturers Item #F316026
Add to Cart $150.82/EA

Boardwalk® Stain Resistant Floor Sealer

Floor sealer works well as a base coat before applying finish. Protects floors against common food and drink stains, petroleum and asphalt. Increases gloss of subsequently applied top coats on porous industrial floors. Stain resistant floor sealer creates a level, stain-resistant, clear gloss surface for high-traffic vinyl and other hard surface floors. Provides excellent value - one gallon covers approximately 1,500 square feet.

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Zep Commercial® Stain Resistant Floor Sealer, 1 gal Bottle

Protect your floors against common food and drink stains, petroleum and asphalt. This sealant works well as a base coat for a finish and it goes on clear. It works on most types of interior floors and dries in 30 minutes.

Manufacturers Item #1044994
Add to Cart $25.74/EA

Zep Professional® Z-Tread Floor Sealer, Neutral, 1gal Bottle

Use this outstanding sealer on bare floors to keep stains from being absorbed into the floor surface. It provides an excellent clear-gloss basecoat for any floor finish. Levels out quickly, leaving no streaks or mop trails.

Manufacturers Item #1041456
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