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Safe T Sorb™ All-Purpose Clay Absorbent

Natural absorbent is composed of 100% clay and is ideal for an array of applications at home and in industrial settings. Quickly absorbs messy spills containing oil, paint or chemicals. Also effective as a traction base on snow and ice as well as a deodorizer in waste receptacles.
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Floor-Dry™ DE Premium Oil Absorbent, Diatomaceous Earth, 25lb Poly Bag

Pick a premium product to quickly and easily soak up messy spills. Multipurpose product absorbs chemicals, grease, oil and water, providing the versatility you need for just about any application. Safe, 100% natural diatomaceous earth compound delivers 50% more absorbency per pound than clay alternatives. Medium granulation simplifies post-use cleanup. Multilingual usage instructions in English, Spanish and French make it easy to use. Handy, versatile sorbent is even great for use as kitty litter. Sorbents Type: Particulates; Material Absorbed: All Liquids Except Hydrofluoric Acid (HF); Capacity (Weight): 25 lbs; Depth: 13.5".
Manufacturers Item #9825
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Fresh Products Super-Sorb Liquid Spills Absorbent

Absorbs 60 times its weight immediately! Easy, sanitary disposal of blood, vomit, urine and other liquids. Simply sprinkle granular absorbent onto spills, sweep up. Quat and microbiocide eliminate odors. Ideal for use in grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, day care facilities, health clinics, etc.
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OptiSorb® Industrial Sorbent, 25 Pounds, Mineral Earth Particulates

This absorbent is made from diatomaceous earth, which is a naturally occurring mineral. It quickly and easily soaks up messy spills, and is also easy to use and transport. It is excellent for use in work or home environments. Sorbents Type: Particulates; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 3.35 gal; Material Absorbed: All Liquids Except HydroFlouric Acid; Capacity (Weight): 25 lbs.
Manufacturers Item #8925
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SPHAG SORB Industrial AbSorbent, 2cu.ft. Bag

Absorbs fuels, organic chemicals, paints, glycol and more. Super absorbent and nontoxic. Sorbents Type: Particulates; Material Absorbed: Organic Chemicals; Paint; Petroleum; Oil; Capacity (Weight): 25 lbs; Color(s): Gray.
Manufacturers Item #671-SS-2B
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Thrifty-Sorb® All-Purpose Clay Absorbent, 40 lb, Poly-Bag, 50/Carton

Reliable sorbent is an ideal choice for cleaning tough messes in high traffic areas. Composed of larger, coarse granules, sorbent provides continuous, efficient absorption with less breakdown. Maintains superior traction in areas where spills have been absorbed. All natural minerals—no chemical additives. Won't damage asphalt, cement or tile surfaces. Sorbents Type: Particulates; Material Absorbed: Non-Aggressive, Non-Caustic Fluids; Capacity (Weight): 40 lbs.; Color(s): Clay.
Manufacturers Item #MOL 8440
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i-Chem® Maximum Security Sorbent, Granular, White, 32 Ounces, Canister, 12/Carton

Maximum Security™ Sorbent is a green and natural way to capture and absorb industrial spills. It is safe, dustless and won't release the spills it imprisons. It is also non-flammable and non-hazardous. This sorbent is reliable, exceeding all EPA liquid waste disposal standards. Sorbents Type: Particulates; Material Absorbed: All Liquids; Capacity (Weight): 32 oz; Color(s): White.
Manufacturers Item #1039738
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Zep Commercial® Instant Spill Absorber, 3-lb Bag

Easily absorb liquids in seconds. Sorbent specifically designed for removing grease and oil stains from concrete flooring. This ultra-lightweight formula makes for easy lifting and quick disposal. Thorough sorbent works quickly to absorb oils, wasted paints, antifreeze and solvents. Instant spill absorber is 15 times more absorbent than clay products and it's dust free. Sorbents Type: Particulates; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 3 lbs; Material Absorbed: Grease; Oil; Paint; Capacity (Weight): 3 lbs.
Manufacturers Item #1047500
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