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Drain & Sewer Maintenance


CLR® PRO Commercial Drain Line & Grease Trap Treatment, 1 gal Bottle

Maintain your drain, with a product that works to promote free flowing drains and reduces odor and pests. Powerful microbial formulation digests and degrades fats, oils and greases. Live, active bacteria works instantly and effectively on vegetative, animal and petroleum fats/oils/greases. Contains no, emulsifiers, enzymes, surfactants or fragrances. Provides exceptional odor control and mitigates fruit flies and other pests. Live bacterial formula safe to use in plumbing on all types of drains and grease traps.

Manufacturers Item #GRT-4 RO
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Diversey™ Suma ElimineX D3.1, Liquid, 50.7 oz, 2 per carton

Chlorinated, high-alkaline cleaner utilizes a clinging foam technology that delivers superior drain cleaning. Safe for use on soft metals such as brass, aluminum, galvanized metals or garbage disposal units. Pale yellow in color with a chlorine scent.

Manufacturers Item #DRK 4266308
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Drano® Liquid Clog Remover

Dissolves clogs quickly and effectively in kitchen or bathroom. Protects pipes from corrosion. Safe for plastic, PVC and metal pipes, garbage disposals and septic systems.

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Drano® Max Gel Clog Remover

Formulated thick to dissolve the toughest clogs. Heavier-than-water formula pours straight through standing water and works quickly to restore drains. Has a special ingredient that protects pipes from corrosion. Safe for plastic, PVC and metal pipes as well as garbage disposals and septic systems. Contains no phosphorus.

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Liquid Plumr® Heavy Duty Clog Remover

Liquid-Plumr® Heavy Duty Clog Remover provides a powerful, fast-acting solution for both fully-clogged and slow-running drains. This ready-to-use formula works on a variety of clogs caused by hair, food soils, grease and other materials that slow drains. Liquid-Plumr® Heavy Duty Clog Remover is safe for disposals, septic tanks and plastic pipes. From Clorox Commercial Solutions®, this drain cleaner is ideal for use in offices, schools, day care centers, restaurants and other commercial restrooms.

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Liquid Plumr® Pro-Strength Clog Remover Slow Flow Fighter, 17 oz Bottle, 12/Carton

Liquid-Plumr Pro-Strength Slow Flow Fighter works to clear partially clogged and slow flowing drains. Two powerful formulas work together to clear clogs and clean pipes at the same time. The two liquids activate on contact to create a thick, powerful foam that attacks hair, gunk and soap scum build up. The foam fills the whole pipe, reaching all dirt and scum. This foaming drain cleaner is safe for all septic systems and pipes, including PVC, plastic, copper and old pipes. Ideal for use in commercial facilities. Clogged drains do not stand a chance against Liquid-Plumr.

Manufacturers Item #216
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Liquid Plumr® Clog Remover, Maintenance, 32 oz Bottle, 9/Carton

Liquid-Plumr Clog Remover Maintenance keeps drains and pipes flowing easily. With regular usage, this drain clog remover not only unclogs drains, but also helps keep pipes running clear and smooth. This trusted cleaner has been keeping drains free flowing and odor free for over 35 years. For best results, use Liquid-Plumr Maintenance at least once a month. This drain cleaner is safe for all septic systems and pipes, including PVC, plastic, copper and old pipes. Ideal for use in schools, daycares, restaurants and other commercial facilities. Clogged drains do not stand a chance against Liquid-Plumr.

Manufacturers Item #242
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Purinel Drain Maintainer/Cleaner, 9.8oz Refill, Use w/AutoClean Systems, 6/CT

The Rubbermaid Commercial Purinel Drain Maintainer and Toilet Cleaner for Auto Clean Toilet Systems works to clean toilets and urinals while helping to maintain drain health. This high-performance toilet cleaner prevents calcium buildup and reduces scaling.

Manufacturers Item #FG400586
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Dymon® LIQUID ALIVE® Enzyme Producing Bacteria

Enzyme producing bacteria digests and liquefies organic waste, grease and food by-products, helping to eliminate malodors and reduce suspended soils--while leaving a pleasant fragrance. Solution is highly resistant to disinfectants, detergents, sanitizers and free chlorine. Safe, non-toxic, non-acid and non-alkaline.

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Misty® Halt Liquid Drain Opener, 32oz Bottle, 12/Carton

Powerful, nonfuming, highly concentrated alkaline-based formula. Clears clogged drains of organic matter, hair, paper, grease and oils. As a drain maintainer, it keeps drain lines clear and free-flowing to reduce offensive odors.

Manufacturers Item #1003698
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OdoBan® BioDrain Grease and Waste Digester

Grease & Waste Digester is a ready-to-use formula that uses to break up grease, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and soap scum. Uses eight strains of nonpathogenic bacterial spores. This exclusive blend of bioengineered bacteria has the ability to withstand hot water temperatures up to 200°F. Waste digester is resistant to chlorinated products, disinfectants, bleach and acidic or alkaline conditions. It's a natural alternative to using caustics, acids or solvents, and contains no caustics, acids, solvents or free enzymes. Certified free of gram-negative bacteria. Odor counteractants neutralize foul odors. Improved low pH activity and biosurfactant production. It also helps to reduce grease trap pumping and enhances naturally occurring bacterial strains.

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Big D Industries Repel Gel Plus, Citronella, 32 oz Bottle, 12/Carton

BIG D® REPEL GEL PLUS is a viscous liquid that clings to pipes and drains to rid them of drain fly infestations, all the while working to break down odor-causing organic matter. REPEL GEL PLUS repels annoying and unsanitary drain flies with Citronella, a natural fly repellent. It also contains enzyme-producing bacteria which will multiply and digest organic waste, reduce volume of solids, and kill odors. REPEL GEL PLUS contains no acids or corrosives. It is non-caustic.

Manufacturers Item #051500
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RID-X® Liquid Septic System Treatment, 24 oz, Bottle, 6 per Carton

Concentrated formula contains special bacteria and enzymes to effectively breakdown household waste. Minimizes tank build-up to prevent backups and maintain free-flow. Helps extend life of septic system.

Manufacturers Item #REC 83383
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RID-X® Septi-Pacs Septic System Treatments, 3.2oz Gel Packs, 7/Pack

Scientifically proven to help prevent septic backups. 100% natural bacteria and enzymes break down organic household waste. Keeps your septic system operating efficiently.

Manufacturers Item #REC 84249
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RID-X® Septic System Treatment Concentrated Powder

Concentrated powder formula helps prevent septic back-up. Contains 100% natural active bacteria and enzymes that effectively digest septic system waste. Breaks down accumulated solid organic waste like grease, fat, protein, starch and paper. Use once per month along with regular pumping to help keep septic systems operating smoothly. Safe for all pipes and septic systems.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial Auto Janitor BioFlush Drain Maintainer Refill, 19 oz Bottle, 6/Carton

BioFlush® drain maintainer works as Part of coordinated suite of washroom products designed to cleanse and deodorize toilets and urinals. Enzyme-based formula prevents scale build-up in drain pipes. Powerful formula reduces the breeding ground of bacteria, preventing unpleasant odors in the restroom.

Manufacturers Item #FG400055
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Zep Commercial® Professional Strength Drain Opener, 1 gal Bottle

Pour through standing water with this fast-acting drain opener. It's safe for pipes and septic systems.

Manufacturers Item #1047518
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Zep Professional® Alkaline Drain Opener

Opens obstructions due to food grease, food residues, paper and other organic matter. Harmless to pipes and plumbing. Also works effectively as a lift station cleaner by quickly converting grease and organic obstructions into a liquid or soft mass that will easily flow.

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