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Combos® Baked Snacks

Satisfy your need for crunch. Made with real cheese, delicious Combos® crackers and pretzels cover your salty-cheesy-snack-cravings. Always baked.

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De Beukelaer Chocolate Hazelnut Pirouline Rolled Wafers, 14oz

The perfect wafer snack for any occasion. Sweet chocolate hazelnut wafers are great for gifts, parties, coffee, ice cream and desserts.

Manufacturers Item #05051
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Dolcetto® Wafers

Elegant European wafers are a delightful combination of crispy and creamy. Wafers are 100% natural, using only premium ingredients. Baked to perfection and foil-wrapped to preserve freshness. They're the perfect afternoon treat; great with coffee or tea.

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Jif™ Bars Peanut Butter Granola Bars, 1.4 oz Bar, 15/Box

Finally, your favorite delicious creamy peanut butter comes together with chewy granola for an irresistible snack bar. Peanut butter-packed bar is a good source of protein. Satisfy sweet and salty cravings at the same time with a yummy peanut butter granola bar. Easy to eat on the go; bars are a great fit for pockets, purses and backpacks.

Manufacturers Item #5150021030
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Kar's Nuts Caddy, Sweet 'N Salty Mix, 2oz Packets, 24/Box

Quality nut and snack items. Conveniently packaged in single-serving sized packets.

Manufacturers Item #AVT-SN08387
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Kar's Trail Mix Variety Pack, Assorted Flavors, 24/Box

Great tasting snacks that are both wholesome and fun to eat — at home, at the office or on the go. Ideal for vending and concessions. Product is Kosher.

Manufacturers Item #AVT-SN08361
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Kashi® GOLEAN® Fiber & Protein Bars

Put the yum in your day, without taking out the nutrition—delicious bars provide a tasty and sensible snack option. Convenient bars make for a great on-the-go meal replacement. Nutritious bars give a unique blend of fiber, protein and slow release carbs. They provide calcium, folic acid and other great nutrients. Handy, pocket-sized bars are individually wrapped—great for purses and backpacks.

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Kashi® TLC® Chewy Granola Bars

A unique blend of seven whole grains and sesame together with whole, roasted nuts, succulent, sun-dried fruit, and a touch of wildflower honey. Nourishing and tasty with 4 g of fiber and 5-7 g of protein. No partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients—only minimally processed, pure ingredients, and natural goodness you can see and taste.

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Kellogg's® Famous Amos Cookies, Chocolate Chip, 2 oz Snack Pack, 36/Carton

Mini snack packs of sweet treats.

Manufacturers Item #7667710003
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Kellogg's® Fruity Snacks

Gluten-free sweet and chewy fruity snacks are made with real fruit. Each serving provides 100% DV Vitamin C. Naturally and artificially flavored. Fat-free.

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Kellogg's® Nutri-Grain® Cereal Bars

Combine deliciousness with calcium, with yummy calcium-enriched fruit snack bars. Soft and delicious bars provide the perfect sweet complement to your day. Convenient, individually wrapped bars are great for pockets and purses—perfect on the go.

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Kellogg's® Pop Tarts®

Great for breakfast, great on the go – take them with you to school or to the office. Hot or cold, they make a great meal or snack at any time of day. A good source of seven vitamins and minerals, one two-per-pack serving is the equivalent to two bread and grain servings.

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Kellogg's® Rice Krispies® Treats

Mini snack packs of sweet treats.

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Kellogg's® Special K® Chewy Nut Bars

Yummy chewy nut bars are a sweet treat filled with nutty wholesomeness. With tasty flavors like cranberry almond and chocolate almond, they're a delicious choice for an afternoon snack. They're great on the go; bars fit conveniently in pockets and purses.

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Kellogg's® Special K® Protein Meal Bars

A great tasting on-the-go meal bar packed with 10-12 grams of protein and only 190 calories.

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KIND Fruit and Nut Bars

A satisfying union of chewy dried fruit and crunchy whole nuts. Made from ingredients you can see and pronounce. Each bar is packed with protein and contains no cholesterol. Gluten-free, non-GMO and all natural ingredients.

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KIND Healthy Grains Bars

Choose gluten-free, all-natural, non-GMO healthy bars to feed your family. Healthy grains granola bars are made from ingredients you can see and pronounce. Each bar packs more than one full serving of whole grains which provides fiber and protein. Baked from a good-for-you foundation of supergrains; Millet, Quinoa, Buckwheat and Amaranth. Perfectly chewy-with-a-crunch bars provide a tasty anytime snack. A variety of delicious flavorings means there's a tasty bar for everyone.

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KIND Nuts and Spices Bar

A tantalizing blend of whole nuts and aromatic spices. Each bar contains five grams or less of sugar. Delicious flavor combinations. Gluten-free, non-GMO and all natural ingredients.

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KIND Plus Nutrition Boost Bar, Almond Walnut Macadamia/Protein, 1.4 oz Bar, 12/Box

A wholesome mix of fruit and nuts sweetened with honey plus a nutritional boost. Made from ingredients you can see and pronounce. Each bar contains 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins A, C and E. Contains high fiber and protein. Gluten-free, non-GMO and all natural ingredients.

Manufacturers Item #17213
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KIND Pressed™ by KIND Bars

All natural, tasty bars are a convenient way to add fruit to your daily routine, containing two full servings of fruit. Bars are made with gluten-free ingredients and nut and peanut free. Non-GMO and Kosher, with a short and clean ingredient list. No sugar added. Dairy free. Simple ingredients create a delicious treat. Each bar contains between three and five fruit and vegetable ingredients.

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KIND Sweet & Spicy

All-natural snack bars are packed with 10 grams of nutritionally balanced protein. Bold and savory flavors are expertly crafted from delicious blends of spices, herbs and seasonings. Nothing complicated - just tasty flavors made from ingredients you can see and pronounce. Gluten free, non-GMO bars are low in sodium - excellent for those with allergies or sensitivities. Grab-and-go bars are great for toting along in backpacks, purses and lunchboxes.

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Larabar™ The Original Fruit & Nut Food Bar

A delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. Each indulgent flavor is made from whole food and contains no more than nine ingredients. Minimally processed and are a wonderful gluten-free snack.

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Annie's Homegrown Organic Cheddar Snack Mix, 2.5 oz Bag, 12/Carton

Start your snacking with a crunch—this yummy, lightly-seasoned combination of bunny-shaped crackers and pretzels makes the perfect treat. Made with Horizon Organic 100% Real Cheese. Made with no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives. Perfect single-serving sized packs are great for an after-school snack or an on-the-job break.

Manufacturers Item #00073
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Emerald® 100 Calorie Pack Nuts

A healthy and satisfying go-to snack. An excellent source of vitamin E, calcium and iron. Perfectly sized to quiet your hunger. Calorie counting made simple—a great weight management advantage.

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Emerald® Breakfast on the go!

The perfect way to start your day! Top off yogurt, spice up cereal, or eat it straight from the pack.

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Emerald® Snack Nuts

A natural source of protein, vitamins and minerals that give you a boost of energy. Perfect size to take with you on the go.

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Fla-Vor-Ice® Fruity Freezer Bars, Assorted Flavors, 1.5 oz, 100/Box

Cool down with this frozen fruity ice treat with different fruity flavors. Made with real fruit juice for a real fruity taste. The mess-free tube is great for kids, or for enjoying a frozen treat on the go. Fruity fun pops are perfect for lazy summer afternoons.

Manufacturers Item #92100
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Nabisco® belVita Breakfast Biscuits

Good morning, energy! Lightly sweetened, tasty, crunchy biscuits provide a steady stream of energy for up to four hours, fueling you all morning long. Whole grain ingredients keep you full and energized while also delivering essential fiber, vitamins and minerals. Try them with fruit, yogurt and a hot beverage for the perfectly balanced, deliciously nutritious breakfast.

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Nabisco® Mini Snack Packs, 1 oz, Variety Pack, 40 per Carton

Yummy multi-pack snacks make a delicious anytime snack. Individually wrapped packets make these snacks easy additions to packed lunches or convenient on-the-go hunger busters. Variety package packs the perfect treat - whether you're looking for savory peanut butter treats or sweet Oreos.

Manufacturers Item #827558
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Nabisco® Oreo Cookies Single Serve Packs, Chocolate, 2.4oz Pack, 6 Cookies/Pack, 12Pk/Bx

Add some crunchy sweetness to your day, with classic chocolate-and-cream sandwich cookies. Convenient single-serve packs are a great fit for purses and backpacks. Enjoy this sweet treat any time—perfect for an after-school snack or a midday pick-me-up.

Manufacturers Item #00440000470000
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Nabisco® Original Fig Newtons, 2 oz Pack, 12/Box

Delicious Fig Newtons® are a childhood favorite that appeal to adult tastes. Naturally low fat and high in fiber, these treats contain 100% more real fruit than "healthy" fruit and cereal bars. Stock up on convenient snack size packets, and savor the tropical, tasty goodness.

Manufacturers Item #0044000088446
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Nabisco® Ritz Bits®

Pop-in-your-mouth mini sandwich crackers. Great for snacking at work or on the run.

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Nabisco® Ritz Peanut Butter Cracker Sandwiches, 1.38 oz Pack

Savor the buttery, slightly salty, light and crisp flavor of Ritz® crackers in yummy cracker sandwiches. Satisfying sandwich crackers with tasty, creamy filling are the perfect punctuation to your day. Made with real peanut butter. Pocket-sized packs make an excellent snack on-the-go.

Manufacturers Item #044000882105
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Nabisco® Wheat Thins Crackers, Original, 1.75 oz Bag, 72/Carton

At snack time, choose the delicious nutty flavor of Wheat Thins®. The crispy, satisfying, 100% whole-grain crunch makes them a healthy, low-fat way to fill up. Try every one of the available flavors. Corn syrup-free; enriched with essential vitamins and minerals.

Manufacturers Item #00 19320 00798 00
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Nature Valley® Granola Bars

Energy from pure and natural ingredients brings together the goodness of whole grains and the nutritional benefits of calcium.

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Nutella® & Go! Hazelnut Spread and Breadsticks

Snack deliciously with creamy, sweet and satisfying Nutella® & Go! spread-and-breadsticks combo. Hazelnut spread is made entirely with hazelnuts, skim milk and cocoa— no artificial colors, no preservatives. Convenient single-serving tub.

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Ocean Spray® Craisins®

Surprise your taste buds with the sweet, delicious taste of dried cranberries. Naturally fat-free and cholesterol-free. Dried cranberries are a good source of fiber. One serving provides 25% of your daily recommended fruit needs for a perfect after school snack.

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Ocean Spray® Craisins® Fruit Clusters

Enjoy a fabulous, fruity treat—each bite-sized fruit cluster combines crunchy whole grain oats and sweet chewy cranberries for a wholesome satisfying snack. Clusters combine crunchy and chewy for optimal snacking. Enjoy the combination of sweetness and tartness for the perfect treat any time of day.

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Ocean Spray® Craisins® Trail Mix

Enjoy a sweet snack you can feel good about, with tasty, tart cranberries in a good-for-you trail mix. Satisfying trail mix is a perfect choice any time. This combination of dried cranberries, dried fruit and nuts is a great choice - whether you're hunting for an after-school snack or looking for an on-the-job treat.

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Sensible Portions® Apple Straws, Apple Cinnamon, 1 oz Bag

Tasty apple straws offer a satisfying treat with a touch of sweetness. With 30% less fat than regular chips, these delicious straw shaped snacks are an ideal fun snack. Cholesterol-free straws are made with all-natural ingredients. Packaged in convenient, single-serve portions, apple straws are perfect for eating anywhere, anytime.

Manufacturers Item #30378
Add to Cart $11.54/CT

Sensible Portions® Veggie Straws, Sea Salt, 1 oz Bag

Tasty veggie straws offer a satisfying crunch on the go. With 30% less fat than regular chips, these delicious straw shaped snacks are an ideal fun snack. Cholesterol-free straws are made with all-natural ingredients. Packaged in convenient, single-serve portions, veggie straws are perfect for eating anywhere, anytime.

Manufacturers Item #30357
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Sheila G’s™ Brownie Brittle™ Brownie Brittle, Chocolate Chip, 5 oz, 12 Bags/Carton

Offers the best part of brownies, the crispy edges. One bite and you will wonder how they were able to get so much chocolate goodness into a wafer-thin snack. Made with all natural ingredients.

Manufacturers Item #01224
Add to Cart $56.99/CT

BIGS® Sunflower Seeds, Dill Pickle, 5.35 oz Bag, 12/Carton

Enjoy the tasty crunch of sunflower seeds in a variety of delicious flavors. Convenient, portable bags make it easy to munch on the go—keep one in the car for convenience. These seeds bring big, bold flavors—ensuring you're always satisfied.

Manufacturers Item #55002
Add to Cart $36.60/CT

General Mills Bugles Corn Snacks, 3oz, 6/Box

Combine the unique shape of Bugles corn snacks with its crispy crunch and you have a tasty snack. Individual servings for on the go.

Manufacturers Item #SN28086
Add to Cart $14.99/BX

General Mills Gardetto's Snack Mix, Original Flavor, 5.5oz Bag, 7/Box

A mix of several snack foods with a hearty texture and robust flavor.

Manufacturers Item #SN43037
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Office Snax® Doggie Biscuits, 10lb Box

Don't forget man's best friend. 10 lb. plastic lined box maintains freshness. Perfect for banks or any place Fido is welcome. The ideal treat for your customer's pooch.

Manufacturers Item #00041
Add to Cart $30.08/BX

Office Snax® Favorite Nuts

Gourmet-quality snacks promote good health. Tasty snacks in large resealable bags are an excellent choice for sharing around the office. Nuts provide a healthy, yet satisfying selection for everyday snacking.

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Office Snax® Gretzels, Cinnamon/Honey, 32oz

Graham crackers with a twist! All natural with no preservatives, they make the perfect "any time of day" snack.

Manufacturers Item #00073
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Paramount Farms® Wonderful® Almonds

Deliciously dry roasted almonds with a pinch of salt. No oil, cholesterol or trans fat.

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Paramount Farms® Wonderful® Pistachios

Tear into a properly nutty, delicious snack. Low-calorie, low-fat and high-fiber nuts are a heart-healthy, all-natural cure for your hunger.

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Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish Crackers, Baked Cheddar, 58 oz Resealable Bag in Box

Swim through your afternoon with tasty baked snack crackers in your favorite fishy shapes. Baked crackers have zero grams trans fat. Yummy cheddar cheese flavor. Let these little fishies brighten up your day; they're the only snack that smiles back!

Manufacturers Item #827562
Add to Cart $21.00/EA

Planters® Cocktail Peanuts, 16oz Can

Enjoy salted cocktail peanuts at every party. Resealable canister.

Manufacturers Item #07210
Add to Cart $6.68/EA

Planters® Mixed Nuts, 15oz Can

Enjoy a snack of delicious mixed nuts. Includes almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, hazelnuts (filberts), pecans and less than 50% peanuts.

Manufacturers Item #01670
Add to Cart $14.99/EA

Planters® Salted Peanuts, 1.75oz, 12/Box

Delicious, premium roasted peanuts are cholesterol-free.

Manufacturers Item #07708
Add to Cart $12.99/BX

Planters® Trail Mix

Satisfy all your cravings. Expertly roasted nuts and sweet dried fruits give you a sweet, chewy and crunchy mix that will get you your energy fix.

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Planters® Variety Pack Peanuts & Cashews, 1.75 oz/1.5 oz Bag, 24/Box

Choose the savory, salty snack that satisfies. Peanuts and cashews are always a pleasant treat. A choice of nuts and flavors allows you to pick the one you like best. Convenient, single-serving bags help maintain freshness until it's time to enjoy. Pocket-sized packs are perfect for purses and school lunches. Includes twelve, 1.75 oz. packs of Salted Peanuts, six 1.75 oz. packs of Honey Roasted Peanuts, and six 1.5 oz. packs of Salted Cashews.

Manufacturers Item #664570
Add to Cart $22.90/CT

That’s it.® Nutrition Bar

Simple is delicious, with yummy two-ingredient fruit bars—made only using fruit. Bars are only 100 calories each and packed with 3-5 grams of fiber, so you can enjoy the flavor without the guilt. Gluten-free and vegan. With a low glycemic index, they're a great choice for diabetics. With an 18-month shelf life, they're good whenever you want them. Non-GMO.

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Utz® Pub Mix, 44 oz Container

Make every day a party with this unique mix of Seasoned Pretzel Twistix, Pretzel Stix, Worcestershire Rye Chips, Honey Roasted Sesame Chips, Oriental Rice Crackers and Nacho Bagel Chips. 0 grams trans fat. So, go ahead, invite a crowd!

Manufacturers Item #827612
Add to Cart $16.68/EA

Chex Mix® Varieties

The perfect blend of Chex® products with your favorite flavors and snacks.

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Quaker® Chewy® Yogurt Granola Bars

Choose something tasty and good for you, with a granola bar that has plenty of whole grains. Yummy chewy granola bars are also a good source of calcium. A delicious layer of yogurt-flavored coating adds smoothness to these sweet, chewy bars. Individually wrapped bars fit easily in purses, pockets and backpacks. Perfect for active families on the go.

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Welch's® Fruit Snacks, 0.9 oz Pouch, 80/Box

Made with real fruit, mixed fruit snacks are a delicious way to snack with purpose. Enhanced with essential daily vitamins, these yummy gummies contain 100 percent of your daily recommended vitamin C and 25 percent of your daily recommended vitamin A and E. These fruit snacks are built on the highest quality fruit grown proudly on family farms. Fat free fruit snacks. Gluten free and delicious, fruit snacks are sure to delight event he pickiest eaters. Always preservative free.

Manufacturers Item #919157
Add to Cart $26.11/BX